Bible Quizzing

Bible Quiz is now a “church driven” event as opposed to a “missionary dependent” event.  What does that mean?  That means as a church or an Awana club you may run quiz in the manner it makes the most sense for your individual situation.
  • Intra Club Quiz—Bible Quiz on a club night as a competition between
    clubbers, or as a showcase to parents of what their children have learned
    over the past month, quarter, semester.
  • Inter Club Quiz—Bible quiz between churches in your city, county,
    denomination, etc.*
  • Quiz on whatever material in the books you want to cover.
    For example, quiz on 2 discoveries/challenges per quarter.
  • Partner clubbers and parents to form quiz teams.
  • Clubbers quiz against their leaders.
  • What ideas do you have?
We will provide support to churches hosting events by making available:
  • Rulebooks—though you do not need to follow these rules, you can change
    them to best fit your situation.
  • Equipment—paddles and buttons
    (as long as they continue to work).
  • Awards—are available in the Awana catalog.  We also have some surplus
    inventory including items not listed in the catalog.  If you are interested in
    purchasing from us, we’ll give you a good price.  :~)
  • Quiz Questions from previous years. (Note—we will not be updating
    questions or writing new questions)
Please call us if you have questions, or need ideas to get started.  Also, let us know the ways you implement Bible Quizzing in your club!
*We are not permitted to provide contact information for other churches in your area, but feel free to contact those you know, or use the “find an Awana program near you” search at

Bible Quiz Rulebook and Resources click HERE