Awana Basics

Awana Basics gives new and seasoned leaders an overview of the Awana ministry and teaches them how to lead using best practices. They’ll be introduced to new tips and techniques, participate in comprehensive discussions, and take part in fun, but thought-provoking activities that will help them gain confidence in their role of leader.

This training is set up in a series of 30-minute modules. The Basic Core are four core modules and Beyond Basics includes 14 additional subject-specific modules.

The Basic Core four modules are:
  1. What is Awana? - The mission, the purpose, and the focus of the Awana ministry.
  2. Gospel Urgency - The very core of Awana is that we are centered on the gospel. Without the gospel, we have no purpose and no ministry.
  3. Leadership Matters - Explores the characteristics and responsibilities of good leaders and how they can continue to grow in their role.
  4. Club Demonstration - A mock club setting that helps leaders recognize their responsibilities.

Modules may vary at each training and may contain Beyond Basics modules.

Choose the Awana Basic training that works best for your calendar and location.

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